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It goes without saying that sharing your passions with compatible individuals is a feeling like no other. Blackjack Lodge is one of the fastest growing online Blackjack oriented communities of its kind in the world, with hundreds of new players getting involved in our discussions each and every week.

If you’ve had a look around our site and the services we can offer our users and would like to become part of our family, then why not follow the links included on this page and do so today?

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Matt Aitchison: “Before joining Blackjack Lodge I’d say my game was intermediate at best, since getting involved with the activity found in the members section however- I’ve undoubtedly advanced in all areas of Blackjack playing.”

Julianne McKenna: “Gambling is something which previous to finding the Blackjack Lodge I had always held something against, but my experiences on the site have proved this animosity wrong completely, not to mention helped me to become a capable Blackjack player.”

Mitchel Buchannan: “There’s a whole host of under-par gambling based websites out there, however Blackjack Lodge is far from being one of them. As a platform for communication between Blackjack players, there really is no better place online to improve your game.”