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About Us

Comprising of a team of seasoned Blackjack players, tacticians and proclaimed experts, Blackjack Lodge is an organisation which seeks to provide you, our noble users, with unlimited resources intent on helping you to improve your game.

Assisting with the likes of Blackjack strategy, wagering and judgement calling, it is our mission to put each of our users in direct contact with an array of likeminded and friendly, approachable gamers with the hope that, with the help of our courteous and well informed direction, you may all strengthen your prowess around the table.

We believe that our concept is unlike any other and hope that you will exploit the free forum we provide to any extent you feel necessary. Gambling is a field of entertainment which tends to attract a predominantly negative grouping of stereotypes, especially among those less educated and experienced in the area.

It is our hope and intention at Blackjack Lodge that we can assist people in their journey towards seeing past the cut-throat and selfish portrayals games such Blackjack receive in abundance on a regular basis, to instead realise the all too often overlooked community spirit which lies behind it. Feel free to get in touch should you require more information!