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UK Online Casino, Landmark Bingo, Reaches Half Million Players

UK online casino


Online gaming of all types is rapidly picking up pace, so it’s no wonder that online gambling is also rising right alongside other types of games and activities. With the introduction of new apps and websites just about every day that allow those who enjoy hobbies such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and bingo to partake in these activities on the go, it’s no wonder the use of online gambling operators is growing.

One relatively young online gambling operator is Landmark Bingo. They’re based in the United Kingdom, and although they’ve been around for about five years, the somewhat restrictive laws on international web based gambling from the UK have been something of a deterrent for many would-be participants in this type of gaming. However, through their marketing and the continued satisfaction of their loyal players, Landmark Bingo has managed to reach over half a million players in less than five years of operation.Landmark Bingo

The company met this milestone on the 24th of April, and released a press statement about their achievement. This milestone marks a great achievement, and the executives at Landmark are hoping it’s just the beginning. Over the past year they’ve really seemed to pick up momentum with their business, having their website get nearly 6,000 views and players participating each day. With such odds and rates, the growth they’ve seen has been much more rapid and exponential than they ever would have guessed it could be.

Some of this growth has to do with their many special offers which provide incentives for their customers to join them. With chances for players on their site to win coupons that can do things such as double their earnings for the day, give them a cash bonus, or earn them playing credits; as well as special holiday themes and deals, there is a lot to be gained by visitors to their site. With a continually high quality and overall positive feedback from reviewers and players alike, it’s no surprise that Landmark Bingo has reached this particular landmark in their journey onward and upward to success.