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Justin Bieber Pranks Casinos


These days, it seems like Justin Bieber is not capable of keeping himself out of trouble with staff and his fans. Just freshly causing some controversy from his tour throughout South America, there has recently been footage released that shows the cheeky pop star being grabbed by guards of a casino after he decided to go for a little joyride with one of the casino bikes.

The popular singer and apparent troublemaker took himself and his entourage to The Palms Casino Resort for a little relaxation in a classic Las Vegas setting in September so that he could watch the fight between Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for the world title. It seems this wasn’t enough, however, as Justin decided to create his own form of entertainment.

Security footage plainly displays the pop star grabbing one of the bicycles that the security guards use once he enters the venue, riding it around through the casino as the guards take notice and begin to chase him. He continues to casually drive throughout the corridors of the venue with his friends until he crashes into staff members and is forcibly removed from the bike. Of course, Justin did not appear to be bothered by any of the events, walking away and leaving the guards to handle the bike.

Fans of the pop star will remember that he has already recently faced hot water and a charge of defacing property by Brazilian police after he was caught adding graffiti to a Rio de Janeiro hotel. This was just one of the several incidents that occurred during his trip to Brazil, including a few accusations of shouting verbal vulgarities to those attempting to photograph him, visiting a nightclub that is known to also be a brothel, rushing through a meet and greet with fans, as well as having a tantrum after he was hit with a bottle on stage.

Keeping all of these events in mind, it just seems like it would not be a trip with Justin Bieber if there were no kind of strange mischief occurring with the little troublemaker in tow.

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