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Decking the Halls

Poker tournaments


Hosting gaming tournaments leads to big business for casinos all across the globe, especially when they come in conjunction with the holidays. Golden Riviera Casino is taking advantage of this fact this holiday season, decking the halls with gold of all kinds. The presents being distributed by the Golden Riviera this year are generous, topping things off with a $100,000 in prizes to players who enter. The tournament is going to offer players and spectators a full month of holiday cheer and excitement.

The Tournament Promises

The top-ranking 35 players will have their hands full of cash prizes and other valuable giveaways. The winner of the tournament will also start off the year comfortable, taking home a cool $15,000. While the tournament does not require registration of any kind, players must buy in for their chance to win. The $25 entry fee will give people a chance to walk away with their portion of the big money at stake. Additionally, each player can buy back into the tournament once they have been eliminated for only $15, promising excitement and second chances again and again.

Always Giving

Entitled Deck the Halls, this tournament will have everything that comes with the holiday season, including stocking over the fireplace, Santa Clause, and plenty of presents under the tree. It is not just the holiday season that brings out the generosity of the Golden Riviera Casino, however. They offer generous bonuses and special promotions to their player throughout the year. In the past, they have presented players with up to 500-pound bonuses and matches in game play. They also give players the chance to sample games and even keep their winnings once the experience is complete.

An Industry Leader

The Golden Riviera Casino has plenty to offer players, presenting 650 different games from which to choose. They have all of the classics such as blackjack, video poker, and craps in addition to the cutting-edge, new releases to hit the slots. They are backed by the processing power made possible by Microgaming TM, allowing them to offer the highest quality gaming experiences online throughout the world.