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No April Fools: Barkley’s Blackjack Winnings Generosity

Barkley wins jackpot


While he has not played basketball for many years, the top world news for blackjack in the month of April relates to Charles Barkley. Barkley continued to make headlines throughout the month, and it’s not clear whether Barkley will keep gambling on NBA leaders with bad manners. Nevertheless, his total blackjack winnings of the past have been astounding, and his story behind the blackjack money he makes has a twist.

Barkley’s blackjack winning tipping

On April 4, Barkley was on the Conan O’Brein television show and told him that he believed in tipping for blackjack dealers and tipping every other service profession well. In particular, Barkley thought if you made more money, you should tip better because you are rich. When talking about the amount he tipped the blackjack dealer, O’Brein interrupted to tell him he was a cheapskate. This made Barkley laugh, and he declared that other NBA players are always cheaper than him.

For example, he said Michael Jordan slaps his hand and tells Barkley to not give money to homeless people. Jordan allegedly said to Barkley that if the homeless can say hello, then they can say, “Welcome to MacDonald’s.” Barkley also stated that Tiger Woods is a terrible tipper. He then said to O’Brein, “maybe that is why they are so rich… because they do not believe in tipping.”

How much was the blackjack dealer tipped?

As a star of the TNT broadcasting company, Barkley felt that he had to set a standard for generosity. When he won $700,000 playing blackjack, he tipped his dealer $25,000. While this seems like a grand sum to many, Barkley told O’Brein that he felt like he did not actually tip the dealer enough.

Barkley calling out for Sterling suspension

While the media may have waited for Barkley to go back and give his blackjack dealer a belated tip, he instead dealt with an NBA scandal. Donald Sterling, LA Clippers owner, shocked the world by being a racist. This stole Barkley’s attention and he concluded the month of April with a call for Sterling’s suspension.